Styles From Beyond (SFB) establishes as a team of creatives with the steadfast intent to produce cutting-edge and visionary works. Having accomplished themselves as pioneers in Singapore’s street dance culture since 2001 and sustained their mastery through contemporary transitions, the team chose to carry their bodies of knowledge and artistry towards their craft with a parallel approach today. Applying their existing proficiency in bringing different styles of dance elements into a performance, they intend to employ the same practice to deliver neoteric designs into their collections.

Styles From Beyond functions as a modular team, assembling their perspectives to push past boundaries, and to preserve efficiency and flexibility. The team takes your typical, accustomed day-to-day, and remodels it into an aesthetic entity, using stimuli from even the slightest elements often left undone.


Being “out of the box” is an understatement as this mark had always been resolute for them even in individual enterprises, driven to achieve above others. The brand Styles From Beyond serves less of a description as it is a tenacious motivation for the team to advance before others, set the bar, and strive towards continued excellence and ingenuity in anything and everything they embark on by and large – going beyond limitations, beyond that box, beyond the definition of beyond itself.

The team is continually exploring novelties, current fads, potential prospects for their collections, determined to not only BE inspired, but TO inspire their styles… from beyond.



Envisioning cultism through aesthetics. Styles From Beyond. 




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